Life at Kia

Kia Values & Behaviors

and People-focused culture
People are the heart of everything we do.
We work together to inspire our customers and our colleagues,
empowering each other to make progress.
We dare to push the boundaries of what's possible,
chasing excellence everyday.
Care for People

Knowing small actions make big impacts, we lead with empathy
and respect for our colleagues, customers and the planet.
We never compromise on our responsibility
to shape the world we want to live in:
one that is more inclusive, equitable and sustainable.


• We enable everyone to be themselves at work, regardless of background, culture or identity.
• We make decisions to create better outcomes for our colleagues, customers and the planet, not for individual or temporary success.
• We set clear and achievable goals that positively impact our colleagues, customers and the planet.

Move Further, Together

United by our purpose, we work together, embracing diverse perspectives.
By debating ideas, inspiring each other, and sharing joy,
we move further-together.


• We work together across teams and regions to achieve shared goals.
• We actively seek feedback and listen to different perspectives, constructively challenging each others' ideas.
• We celebrate and recognize our progress, not only the end result.

Empower People to Act

Our mutual trust in one another empowers us to own our commitment
and take resposibility. Our freedom to act is guided by shared accountability.


• We agree on outcomes at the beginning of each task and trust each other to make it happen.
• We are transparent with each other, sharing information openly.
• We hold ourselves accountable for our commitments.

Dare to Push Boundaries

Bold, curious, and creative, we dare to reimagine how the world moves forward.
We relentlessly challenge convention, knowing it's better to take risks
-and learn from failure-than to stand still.


• We stay curious; we learn and grow each day.
• We take calculated risks and see failure as an opportunity to learn.
• We boldly and purposefully challenge the status quo to find new solutions.

Chase Excellence, Every Day

We think big and pursue continuous improvement.
We adapt quickly to exceed customer expectations and simplify
how we work to ensure our process never gets in the way of our progress.


• We continually seek to understand our customers, to deliver on their needs and remove pain points.
• We prioritize our tasks and simplify how we work to improve quality and productivity.
• We make decisions and act quickly, balancing data and our best judgement.

At Kia,
we believe that Movement is Growth,
and Growth is driven by realizing our brand purpose.
Career Move

Kia is constantly growing together with our employees, and we want them to be able to move freely across business boundaries. Through the career development platform "Career Move," all Kia emplyees can design their own career path and experience the internship program (OXM) in related fields or new business areas. In addition, each division of Kia uses the Open Job Market (OJM) system to recruit talented people from other divisions of the company in a timely manner to promote various businesses.

Talent Development Programs

Based on the belief that the growth of employees is the growth of the company, Kia aims to create a new movement by supporting individual learning and growth of leaders in terms of people, business, and organization. Major programs are as follows:

  • Kia introductory Training (new/experienced)
  • Future Business Competency Training
  • Global Competency Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Common Job Competency Training
Global Talent Development

Kia operates various programs to foster talented people with global competitiveness.

  • Short-term dispatch system: This is a program where outstanding domestic talents are sent to overseas subsidiaries for a short period of time to carry out projects.
  • Global Exchange Program (GEP): Employees from overseas subsidiaries are dispatched to domestic and overseas subsidiaries to implement projects together.
  • Expatriate Program: Employees are despatched to global business sites around the world to lead the global business together with local employees.
Kia is with you on your journey.
Smart Office & Work
To help (our) employees get inspired by the large and small changes in your life, Kia offer hot-desking, Kia lounges, and flexible work system that allow you to work when and where you want every day.
Commuter Buses
To help reduce commuting fatigue for our employees, Kia operates approximately 250 free commuter bus routes at our major sites.
Support for recharge
Kia operates a "three-week vacation system" and offers "Pro-dream vacation(promotional vacation)," during which we provide support to make your vacation more effective, including EV rentals and partnerships with domestic hotels/condos.
Vehicle purchase assistance
Kia regularly helps employees purchase vehicles, and if it's their first car, we offer an additional discount to double the joy on purchase day.
Congratulatory and Bereavement support
We support employees with time off and expenses when they have a key life event, such as for weddings, bereavement, reaching milestone ages, or funerals, to share in their joy and grief.
Medical expenses, group accident insurance, and health screenings
We'll support your needs for group accident insurance, cover hospital expenses and medical checkups for you, your spouses, and parents, in the various times of the life cycle.
Housing support
We operate dormitories and employee housing depending on the business site to ensure employees' housing rights, and provide low-interest loans for renting and purchasing homes.
Two day-shift point rewards
To support employees' leisure and professional development, we award points annually that can be redeemed online or offline.
Holiday hometown return and gift stipends
To help employees celebrate the holidays with family and friends, Kia offers Lunar New Year and Chuseok hometown visit stipends and holiday gift stipends.
Educational assistance for children
To help raise children, Kia provides early childhood education, special education, and college tuition assistance for all children of Kia members.