Family-Friendly Certification

What is Family-Friendly Certification?

Family-friendly certification is a system where companies exemplary in operating family-friendly policies are evaluated and awarded certification by the Minister of Gender Equality and Family through assessment.
Kia has been designated as a family-friendly certified company since December 2014 for successfully implementing family-friendly policies such as support for childbirth and childcare, and flexible working arrangements within the company.

Types of Family-Friendly Policies

There are various types of family-friendly policies aimed at supporting the balance between work and family life. These include support for childbirth and chilcare, flexible working arrangements, and programs to cultivate a family-friendly workplace culture.

Fostering a Family-Friendly Workplace Culture

∙ Enforcing regular working hours(implementtation of ’Family Love Day’) ∙ Conducting family-friendly workplace education ∙ Establishing employee counseling services ∙ Supporting long-service leave ∙ Offering family care leave ∙ Organizing family-involved events ∙ Providing family health check-up support ∙ Supplying family vacation facilities ∙ Spousal relocation assistance ∙ Operating family participation programs such as family camps.

Support for Childbirth and Childcare

∙ Parental leave ∙ Reduction of working hours during childcare period ∙ Pre and postnatal leave ∙ Spouse childbirth leave ∙ Support programs for pregnant women ∙ Provision of breastfeeding facilities and maternity break rooms ∙ Support for children's education expenses ∙ Establishment of workplace childcare centers ∙ Childcare subsidies

Flexible Work Arrangements

∙ Flextime ∙ Working from home ∙ Flexible working hours ∙ Smart work